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B2B Branding & Positioning

Purchasing decisions in B2B markets can be highly complex, involving cross-functional teams, various layers of management, supply chain partners, and long qualification processes. As a result, many companies believe B2B purchasing decisions are based purely on price, product/service performance and other clear elements of the value proposition.

However, even in the complex buy scenarios common in many B2B markets, both corporate and product brands play important roles. Decision-makers’ perceptions of a company’s credibility, integrity, market leadership, engineering prowess, reliability, financial stability-all aspects of brand equity-highly influence AVL placement as well as the ultimate purchasing decision. Brand is especially important in critical product applications and/or when going to market through channel partners, where demand pull can offset channel power. Brand equity can also be critical when a company’s market performance is faltering. In these situations, brand equity can be the key pillar on which a successful turnaround can be built.

Ameridan has worked extensively in B2B brand assessment, brand extensions, and product positioning. We conduct primary research spanning end-use customers, specifiers, channel partners, and other influential market participants. Our work typically focuses on assessing the true buy scenarios across various market segments, how branding relates to the purchasing decision, and how the company’s brand portfolio is positioned. We also assist clients in assessing potential changes in product/service attributes, position new products, and evaluate changes in go-to-market strategy.

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