Customer Due-Diligence

For many companies, the existing customer base is the most important driver of value. The nature of the customer mix, the stickiness of the relationships, relative power, customer perceptions, and other factors have profound implications for future revenue and margins.

In our customer due-diligence engagements, we assess the overall stickiness of key customers, identify at-risk relationships, gauge price elasticity, and assess the potential to increase penetration.

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Voice of the Market

Great companies are constantly diligent, understanding and getting ahead of market changes, exploring new opportunities, and monitoring customer perceptions.

Ameridan Voice of the Market programs are designed to get real time, actionable intelligence. We are skilled at conducting individual, executive level interviews and are able to side-step natural supplier-customer posturing to capture authentic, candid, straightforward answers.

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Market Due-Diligence

A firm’s revenue growth and margins are largely a reflection of (1) the markets in which the company chooses to participate; (2) its competitive position within those markets; and (3) its sales and marketing capabilities.

Ameridan’s market diligence work focuses on these three dimensions. We assess fundamental industry dynamics, as well as the target company’s marketing capabilities and its evolving competitive position within the industry.

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B2B Branding & Positioning

Corporate and product brands play important roles even in the complex buy scenarios common in many B2B markets. Decision-makers’ perceptions of a company’s credibility, market leadership, engineering prowess, reliability, financial stability-all aspects of brand equity-highly influence AVL placement as well as the ultimate purchasing decision.

Our approach focuses on the true buy scenarios across market segments, how brand equity relates to the purchasing decision, and how the company’s brands are positioned. We assist clients in assessing potential changes in product/service attributes, positioning new products, and evaluating changes in go-to-market strategy.

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