Market Diligence Services

Voice of the Market

Ameridan’s Voice of the Market (“VOM”) services garner the unbiased market intelligence that senior executives need to make important business decisions. At the core of our methodology are in-depth, one-on-one discussions with key market decision-makers and influencers. We are deeply experienced and skilled at conducting executive level interviews, side-stepping the natural supplier-customer posturing to capture authentic, candid, straightforward answers.

Our VOM services span manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and direct sales environments. We deliver a unique combination of qualitative market understanding supported by quantitative measurements of company, product, and management performance.

Ameridan’s VOM services help our clients address a particular market challenge, make key resource decisions, or establish a baseline to measure progress over time. Typical client situations/issues addressed include:

  • There are many emerging trends that might impact my market position. Which trends are being taken seriously by key market participants? How are they responding?
  • Market and product development funds are limited. What is the most effective investment I can make right now to improve my market position?
  • My strategy is set but we are not succeeding in the last mile. What are the execution barriers?
  • Revenue is not growing as quickly as it should be. What is truly happening? Are there undetected hurdles to our growth goals?
  • My channel partners don’t seem to be executing as planned, what’s the problem?
  • We’ve just completed an acquisition. We need market intelligence to inform 100 day initiatives and provide baseline measures of customer perceptions.
  • Delivery systems are being transformed by technology and new competitors. Do I have the right routes to market in place? How do my customers want to do business?
  • We need to better align our associates with customer success and satisfaction. We need an objective way to systematically measure key metrics over time.
  • I’m concerned customer loyalty is eroding. Where are the underlying causes?

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