Market Diligence Services

Market Due-Diligence

A firm’s revenue growth and margins are largely a reflection of (1) the markets in which the company chooses to participate; (2) its position within those markets; and (3) its sales and marketing capabilities.

Ameridan’s market diligence work focuses on these three dimensions, assessing fundamental industry structure and dynamics, as well as the target company’s marketing capabilities and its evolving competitive position within the industry.

Although each assignment is unique, addressing client-specified issues, our work typically addresses the following questions:

What are the size and growth characteristics of the company’s key markets? What is the company’s position within these markets?

What factors are impacting the industry and how is the company positioned relative to these changes?

What are the key competitive dynamics and how should the company respond?

Are the company’s sales & marketing resources optimally structured and aligned? How are these resources executing in the marketplace?

Is the company’s go-to-market strategy appropriate? Is its network of channel partners properly structured and aligned?

Are management’s business plan & projections reasonable in light of market and competitive realities?

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