Voice of
the Customer

Our VOC projects collect the unbiased customer feedback that you need to make important business decisions. Having conducted thousands of interviews with senior executives, we are well-skilled in conducting meaningful discussions which capture authentic, candid, customer insights.

Steps in our VOC research programs:

  1. Our process starts with obtaining a clear understanding of your goals and objectives.
  2. We work with you to select potential interviewees and design the discussion guide.
  3. After you provide appropriate introductions, we reach out to potential interviewees and schedule the interviews.
  4. We execute the interviews and compile the results. In our typical VOC project, hundreds of quotes are cataloged and assessed for important themes/issues. Qualitative insights are oftentimes augmented with quantitative measures.
  5. We summarize key findings and highlight implications for our client’s decision-making.

How can I use Ameridan VOC research?

Starting point for strategic action plan

Root cause analysis when facing market challenges

New product/service development

Assessing impact of potential changes in channel/market strategy

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